Sunday, September 21, 2003
It's over.

A week ago I couldn't wait for Sunday. I couldn't wait for this show to be behind me so I could stop worrying about it. Now, I wish we could do it just one more time.

Last night the crowd was bigger, better and LOUDER! Unfortunately we had to shuffle some casting and sketches at the last minute because Dale had fallen ill and almost completely lost his voice. He did some of his scenes aided by a mic and threw in some stellar ad libs about the situation, then he would go in back and lay down until his next scene. I know he was disappointed that it happened now, of all times.

That didn't hamper the energy of the show in the least. Everybody on stage and in the audience had a great time. Included in the show was a last moment surprise from me and Ben Lundy. The absurdity of the GRANDMA sketch was added to by a lip lock by myself and Ben at the end of the sketch. I announced at the beginning of the show that the audience should watch out for the very first on stage Gag Reflex kiss. And it was. (Technically there was a mouth to mouth recuss thing back in 95 but it didn't count.) The cast had no idea what was going to happen and were surprised by the announcement. When the moment came the audience and the cast were equally loud in their shock and laughter. A beautiful moment.

Greg Ledford also attended the show and was able to party with all of us, sad though we were that he was unable to perform.

We, again, nearly filled the place. This meant that we not only made enough money to pay the grand for the two nights in the room but also the $9 an hour bartender bill for both nights. As soon as the dust settles we will divvy up the rest of the money amongst the performers.

After the show we all talked and drank and Ledford provided a wonderful toast to the group. As Dale has pointed out in his counter-blog, I am very emotional. I kept the tears in check until Millie and I were in the van and on the way home. After all this time thinking and planning, it had happened. New friendships grew, old friendships rekindled and I was able to honor this comedy group which I am proud to be a part of and the biggest fan of.

And so my blog ends. Thanks to everybody who came out to the show and to all the wonderful people who both made it back to perform and those who ever threw themselves into the Gag Reflex mix.

End Transmission

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